Student Researchers' Society Topics

Suicidal behavior and mental disorders from genetics to psychiatry and culture Epidemiological, psychobiological and clinical studies  Sandor Fekete

Mass media, psychiatry and suicide auto and heteroagressive behavior, in the printed/electronic media, and social networks.  Attitudes cross-cultural studies. Supervisor: Sandor Fekete,  Peter Osvath

Burn out and helper professions  : Sandor Fekete

Socio-cultural aspects of suicidal behaviour (content analysis of national anthems and texts) Viktor Voros, Peter Osvath

Attitudes toward suicide (international comparative analyses) Viktor Voros, Peter Osvath, Sandor Fekete

Trans-cultural analysis of suicidal behaviour (Polish Hungarian comparative studies) Viktor Voros, Peter Osvath, Sandor Fekete

The neuro-biological background of suicidal behaviour (the role of the HPA-axis, etc.) Viktor Voros, Peter Osvath, Sandor Fekete

Screening and assessment of psychiatric symptoms (in general practice, dermatological patients, etc.) Viktor Voros, Peter Osvath

ECT argumentation and practical medical treatment -  pros and contras. -  Sandor Fekete

Suicidal behaviour and early traumatisation (child abuse and neglect) Viktor Voros, Maria Simon

Music and suicide (interrelation, music therapy) Viktor Voros, Melinda Kanizsai, Sandor Fekete

The psycho-physiological analysis of music and catharsis Viktor Voros, Jozsef Janszky, Bence Vas

The potential role of DBS in psychiatric and neurological disorders Viktor Voros, Norbert Kovacs

Trans-cultural psychiatry, rare syndromes in psychiatry (Capgras, Cotard, etc.) Viktor Voros, Tamas Tenyi

The life and illness of Sylvia Plath
Tams Tnyi

The Capgras syndrome
Tams Tnyi

Recent developments in antipsychotic treatment
Tams Tnyi

The complex treatment of bipolar affective disorder
Tams Tnyi

Behavioral phenotypes in mental retardation
Tams Tnyi, Gyrgyi Csbi

The Ekbom syndrome
Tams Tnyi

Schizophrenia and violent behavior
Tams Tnyi, Tams Halmai

The illness Friedrich Nietzsche
Tams Tnyi

Eating disorders in childhood - a review of current literature
Tams Tnyi, Gyrgyi Csbi

Mnchausen syndrome b proxy - literature review
Tams Tnyi, Gyrgyi Csbi

The place of motivational interviewing in the treatment of schizophrenia
Tams Tnyi

Eating disorders and suicide.
Agnes Gati, Sandor Fekete

Testkp vizsglata emldaganat utn rekonstrukcis mtten tesett nknl.
Agnes Gati, Gyorgy Tizedes

Szemlyisgjellemzk s testkp vizsglata brgygyszati betegeknl.
Agnes Gatim, Dalma Varszegi

Testkp vizsglata vrandssg alatt.
Agnes Gati

letciklusok megjelense a mvszetekben.
Agnes Gati