Final exam topics/questions



1. The steps of psychiatric anamnesis

Panic disorder



2. The main parts of mental status

Classification and differential diagnosis of somatoform disorders

Complex treatment of depressive disorders


3. Disturbance of perception

Factitious and impulse-control disorders

Lithium treatment in psychiatry


4. Disturbance of orientation

Dissociative disorders



5. Disturbance of memory

Adjustment disorders and psychological crisis

Biological treatment in psychiatry (ECT, light-therapy, sleep-deprivation, TMS, psychosurgery)


6. Disturbance of thinking

Symptomatology, differential diagnosis and treatment of alcohol withdrawal

Imaginative and relaxation therapies


7. Disturbance of attention

Etiology, symptomatology and treatment of vascular dementia

Client-centered psychotherapy (Rogers)


8. Etiology, symptomatology and diagnosis of mood-disorders

Classification, prognosis and differential diagnosis of schizophrenia

Cognitive and behaviour psychotherapies


9. Symptomatology, etiology and differential diagnosis of delirium

Diagnosis and treatment of delusive disorder

Types and indication of family therapies


10. Disturbance of motor behaviour

Cyclothymia, dysthymia (symptomatology, diagnosis and treatment)

Types and indication of psychoanalytic therapies


11. Cataton symptoms

Classification, diagnosis, and treatment of psychosomatic disorders

Antidepressants - indication, effects and side-effects


12. Types of delusions

The main factors of suicidal behaviour from neurobiology to culture

Anxiolytics - indication, effects and side-effects


13. Disturbances of judgment and insight

Pathological grief reaction

Complex treatment of alcohol withdrawal delirium


14. Disturbance and examination of cognitive functions

Symptomatology, diagnosis and treatment of schizoaffective psychosis

Mood stabilisers - indication, effects and side-effects


15. Types and etiology of anxiety

Symptomatology, diagnosis and treatment of bipolar disorder

Complex therapy of schizophrenia


16. Presuicidal syndrome and cry for help

Opiates related mental disorders

Sedatives in psychiatry - indication, effects and side-effects


17. Diagnosis of manic symptoms

Symptomatology, diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer- dementia

Types and indication of group therapies


18. Symptomatology, diagnosis and treatment of depressive disorders

The main causes of psychiatric emergency

Complex treatment of alcohol addiction


19. Types and function of coping mechanisms

Classification and etiology of mental retardation

Types and indication of dynamic psychotherapies


20. Types, etiology and differential diagnosis of hallucinations

Symptomatology, diagnosis and treatment of eating disorders

Benzodiazepines in psychiatry - indication, effects and side-effects


21. Positive and negative symptoms of schizophrenia

Brief reactive psychosis

Pharmacotherapy of mania


22. Disturbance of integrity of consciousness

Avoidant, dependent and obsessive personality disorders

Complex therapy of phobias


23. Types and symptomatology of phobias

Classification of mental disorders

Types and indication of cognitive and behaviour psychotherapies


24. Disturbance of vigility of consciousness

Types and treatment of sexual dysfunctions

Complex treatment of panic disorder


25. The main factors of emergency psychiatry

Diagnosis and treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder

Diagnosis and treatment of pathological alcohol intoxication


26. Types, diagnosis and treatment of sleep-wake disorders

Classification of mental disorders in childhood

Psychodrama in psychiatry


27. Differential diagnosis of depersonalisation

Symptomatology, diagnosis and treatment of alcohol related hallucinosis

The most important features and forms of psychotherapy


28. Psychoanalytic theory of personality development

Alcohol related amnestic disorder (Korsakow syndrome)

Types, diagnosis and treatment of suicidal behaviour


29. Types of conversion

Psychopathological symptoms caused by somatic and neurological disorders

Supportive psychotherapy


30. Types of illusions

Depression and psychosis in elderly

The main features of insight-oriented psychotherapies (psychodynamic therapies)


31. Psychosocial personality development theory (Erikson)

Alcohol related mental disorders

Neurobiological background of psychopharmacological treatment


32. The main symptoms of organic mental disorders


Large group in the therapeutic community


33. Classification of personality disorders

Sedatives addiction

Rehabilitation and sociotherapies in psychiatry


34. Differential diagnosis of psychosis and neurosis

Delusive, schizoid and schizotyp personality disorders

The examination and treatment of aggressive patients


35. Types and differential diagnosis of mood disorders

Narcissistic, borderline, hystrionic and antisocial personality disorders

The examination and treatment of desorientated patient


36. Types and differential diagnosis of amnesia

Perinatal psychiatry

Complex treatment of personality disorders


37. Epidemiology and etiology of schizophrenia

Cannabis and cocaine related mental disorders

Alexithymia in mental disorders


38. Types and symptomatology of schizophrenia

Psychostimulants related mental disorders

Consultation and liaison psychiatry